Feature Film (Male, 50 – 65 years old)

No rehearsals. Shooting from the 14th of June 2018 to the 24th of June 2018

Short moments of the life of a lonely botanist, who spends his whole time observing flowers and plants. A mustache or a beard would be preferred (but not mandatory), the story being set in 1900. The costumes that we already own range from M (English chest size 38’/40′) to XL (chest 44′). Please provide us with an actual picture and measurements, and specify any tattoo.

Eastern European

Low pay

The movie is self-financed : we can pay the minimal legal wage (£7.83/hour), so £63 for a day of 8 hours. 11 days of shooting, in June, in France. We’ll also pay for all the actor’s expenses : traveling, accommodation, food.