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55-60 years, 60-65 years

With a playing age from 50 years, Jaki is an accomplished actress of stage and screen with an RP accent. Experienced in comedy, musical theatre, roleplay and VO, her repertoire includes authorative characters. She's very fit, sings, plays guitar, dances; does horse-riding, yoga and ballet. 5'8" (172cm).

Licences: Car Driving Licence
Languages Spoken: English
Accents & Dialects: American-Southern States, Cockney, London, RP
Under 50 years
Licences: Car Driving Licence, Forklift Truck, HGV Licence, Military Vehicles Driver, Motorcycle Licence, PCV Licence
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Accents & Dialects: American-Western States, Brazilian, Cockney, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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